Hudson for Hudson is a community group made up of individuals, families, and organizations that live, work, and play here in Hudson, coming together to make sure that the future of our city is as bright as it can possibly be. Hudson For Hudson is open to anyone and everyone who cares about preserving the unique character of this city, recognizes its untapped potential, and wants to take part in supporting a fair and forward-thinking vision for its continued growth. 

Current Issue: The Greenport Planning Board issued a negative declaration on the A. Colarusso & Son project which proposes to expand the haul road to connect the Colarusso quarry in Green port to their dock in Hudson during the SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) process. Citizens of Hudson must make our voices heard, to let our City administration know that Hudson should challenge this decision.

A negative declaration means that Greenport, acting as lead agency, found that there was no reason to investigate the impact of the action’s environmental impacts which would cut through the South Bay, a protected wetlands and intensity industrial activity at the waterfront. While the more direct route would be a boon to Colarusso’s business and a ramping up of their operations, it comes at the expense of Hudson’s waterfront and future development – building a new, double wide road does not comply with the City of Hudson’s carefully constructed 2011 LWRP Core Riverfront zoning..

It is critical to make our voices heard: the majority of impact is on Hudson not Greenport, and a comprehensive environmental assessment should be completed to assess the potential long-lasting impact on the environment and on the character of Hudson itself. Please write to Mayor Tiffany Hamilton and City of Hudson officials to encourage them to challenge Greenport on their negative declaration. Any concerns need to be formally submitted to them; the amount of public comments received will reflect the legitimate concerns and will inform their decision making. HUDSON MUST BE HEARD.

Action to Take: Help Protect Our Waterfront! Learn more about the issue on this site and be sure to submit your written comments to the Mayor, Rick Rector, Conservation Advisory Council Member Michael O’Hara, and Hudson City attorneys Ken Dow and Mitch Khosrova.


Mayor Tiffany Hamilton
City Hall
520 Warren Street
Hudson, New York 12534


Tiffany Hamilton <>
Mitch Khosrova <>
Michael O’Hara <>
Dow Ken <>

DePietro Thomas <>
Rick Rector <>
Mayor’s Aide <>

Please be sure to take a look at our FAQs to learn more about why Colarusso’s proposal endangers Hudson’s waterfront, takes risks with our nearby wetlands, quality of life and threatens the livelihood of our city’s future and economic growth by favoring one corporation over the wants and needs of Hudson’s residents. Our position is not in opposition of one corporation, but in support of what is best for the collective future of our city. Make sure your voice is heard as we work together to protect the character of our river city and create a more fair and prosperous future for the people who call it home.


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